The purpose of this section is to say a few words about the design and development of the web site.  Its name, The First Argonauts,  comes from the title of a chapter that Ammerman wrote for the book called The Global Origins and Development of Seafaring, which was published in 2010. In preparation for the Wenner-Gren workshop, we began to taking the first steps toward the creation the site in January 2012.  Two design teams were involved at this stage of project:  one in Philadelphia and the other at Colgate University.


Argonauts Gray small

There was the good fortune to have a collaboration with Joel Katz, aDesigning Information Recolorn internationally known information designer who teaches at the University of Arts in Philadelphia. He supervised his two of his students, Joseph Granato and Kaitlin Gehshan, who had the task of working with the Colgate team and creating new and bolder images with them. For example, the logo that we now use was designed by Kaitlin.  Then, together Kaitlin and Joe designed a series of other major figures for the site.  It is at this juncture that we would like to congratulate Joel Katz on his new book, Designing Information. It was recently chosen by the committee of Designers & Books to be recognized as one of its Notable Books of 2012.

To assist in the design and maintenance of the website, Ammerman enlisted the help of Briana L. Zeck, a junior at Colgate University.  While pursuing her degree in Molecular Biology at Colgate, Briana has worked as both a summer intern and research assistant to Albert.  In addition to her work on the design of the First Argonauts website, she assisted in correspondence and other aspects of the organization of the Wenner-Gren Workshop.

Support for the development of the website was provided by grants from two sources at Colgate: the Office of the President and from the Dean of Faculty.  Additionally, we would like to extend thanks to all of those who have and continue to assist in the development of this ongoing project.   For further information on the site, please feel free to contact us.

- The “First Argonauts” Team


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