Table of Contents

Island Archaeology and the Origins
of Seafaring
in the Eastern Mediterranean

Proceedings of the Wenner Gren Workshop held at Reggio Calabria
on October 19-21, 2012

In memory of John D. Evans

Eurasian Prehistory Guest Editors:
Albert J. Ammerman and Thomas Davis


(Eurasian Prehistory 10/2013)


1. Introduction
Albert J. Ammerman

2. Chronological framework
Thomas W. Davis

Placing island archaeology and early voyaging in context

3. The origins of mammals on the Mediterranean islands as an indicator of early voyaging
Jean-Denis Vigne

4. Cosmic impact, the Younger Dryas, Abu Hureyra, and the inception of agriculture in Western Asia
Andrew M. T. Moore and Douglas J. Kennett

5. The homelands of the Cyprus colonizers: selected comments
Ofer Bar-Yosef

6. Marine resources in the Early Neolithic of the Levant: their relevance to early seafaring
Daniella E. Bar-Yosef Mayer

7. Early seafaring and the archaeology of submerged landscapes
Geoff N. Bailey

Case studies

A. Cyprus

8. Tracing the steps in the fieldwork at the sites of Aspros and Nissi Beach on Cyprus
Albert J. Ammerman

9. Akrotiri-Aetokremnos (Cyprus) 20 years later: an assessment of its significance
Alan H. Simmons

10. The transportation of mammals to Cyprus sheds light on early voyaging and boats in the Mediterranean Sea
Jean-Denis Vigne, Antoine Zazzo, Isabella Carrère, François Briois and Jean Guilaine

11. On the chipped stone assemblages at Klimonas and Shillourokambos and their links with the mainland
François Briois and Jean Guilaine


(Eurasian Prehistory 11/2014)

12. Temporal placement and context of Cyro-PPNA activity on Cyprus
Sturt W. Manning

B. The Aegean

13. The Aegean Mesolithic: material culture, chronology, and networks of contact
Małgorzata Kaczanowska and Janusz K. Kozłowski

14. The Aegean Mesolithic: environment, economy, and voyaging
Adamantios Sampson

15. The late forager camp of Ouriakos on the island of Lemnos:
Human groups on the move at the turn of the Holocene in the Northern Aegean
Nikos Efstratiou

16. Initial occupation of the Gelibolu Peninsula and the Gökçeada (Imbroz) island
in the pre-Neolithic and Early Neolithic
Onur Özbek and Burçin Erdogu

17. Lower Palaeolithic artifacts from Plakias, Crete: Implications for hominin dispersals
Curtis Runnels, Chad DiGregorio, Karl W. Wegmann, Sean F. Gallen, Thomas F. Strasser,
Eleni Panagopoulou

C. Central and Western Mediterranean
18. The spread of farming to the Adriatic: New insights from Dalmatia
Andrew M. T. Moore

19. The question of voyaging foragers in the Central Mediterranean
Marcello A. Mannino

20. Early prehistoric voyaging in the Western Mediterranean: Implications for
the Neolithic transition in Iberia and the Maghreb
João Zilhão

Looking forward

21. Setting our sights on the distant horizon
Albert J. Ammerman